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Frequently asked questions...

What kind of funds can I use and how will they be deposited with you?

Cash or self directed IRA funds are acceptable. Funds must be sent via wire transfer or in the form of a cashier's check. Instructions will be emailed to interested investors

Will we get regular updates?

Yes. We will share regular updates on all of our social platforms. You'll be able to follow this project just like all of the other projects. Your project will be named and numbered,  and a post about that project will be labeled as such... You will also know when it's listed for sale and when closing is scheduled, etc.

Can I (an investor) buy the project?

Yes. At market price. If you're interested please let us know. 

Will I be on the title to the property?

No... The title will be held in the name of the corporation. You will be an investor or limited partner with FFIG.

Will I be able to make selections and make decisions about the project?

No... You will have to trust our experience as it relates to planning the project. We have to make sure that the project is marketable and will sell for top price... That will require us to make decisions about the materials and design, etc...

Can I visit the project?

Yes. Once completed everyone will be invited out to the project. During construction however we don't share addresses of any projects we do on social media or with other parties. With the number of people investing in the project (some small amounts, some large) it's important that we do not put the project in a position to be vandalized or have theft occur.  We also can't have a lot of people dropping by whenever they want to. It's our responsibility to protect everyone's investment.

What do you have in place to reduce risk?

Every project will be fully insured with builder's risk insurance. The cost of insurance is worked into the budget.

How long does a project take to complete?

Once the permits and everything is in place it's about six months...Give or take. We will go as quickly as we can. We want to get you your checks as soon as possible but please understand there are things that we have no control over, like the weather, code enforcements, etc...

Are rates of returned guaranteed?

No... Remember there can always be risk with an investment. But remember, we are all in this together, so that minimizes the risk.

Are rates of returned guaranteed?

No. The example we used is just that... An example that we expect based on the budget and what the market says it is worth. We could end up selling for a little more or a little less. Either way, the returns will be better than what you get in the vehicle you have the funds in now and we will do our best to make sure that we maximize the profits. We'll be running this project just like we would any of our personal projects.

Is there a minimum investment?

Yes. The minimum is 2% of the budget, and the max is capped at 40%.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions. This is going to be exciting and we are happy to be on this journey with you.


 Thank you for your interest in partnering with  Financial Freedom Investment Group.